Best Ways to Advertise in 4 Major Social Media Sites

Best Ways to Advertise in 4 Major Social Media Sites

Knowing that social media and the digital realm can be helpful in your ultimate advertising goals is not enough. Companies must also be well versed in the overall world of digital advertising and just what social media outlets are out there for general use. There are four popular social media sites that are commonly used for advertising and each has its own benefits and drawbacks that are unique to that sort of advertising.


Facebook- used in the correct way this can be a highly beneficial platform for expression among your potential customers and existing customers. There are several ways that you can use social media in a highly professional way to spread the word and let people know about products. Here are a few different ways that Facebook can help your overall marketing campaigns.

The first and most common advertising social media site is Facebook. It is known that millions of users log on to Facebook each day making it one of the most popular social media sites in existence. This means that it is also one of the best ways for companies to get out and use social media to their advantage. Facebook is essentially a site where users can share their ideas, pictures, and so much more so that they can really see what they are doing and they can share their every day activities.

Since it is a site that requires a great deal of babysitting from users, it is a perfect chance for companies to add advertisements and make the most of this frequent use. Most Facebook users check their page several times throughout the day making it a perfect platform for companies that want to update customers, want to contact customers at various times during the day, and that just want to be in contact with their customers more than once a day.

Ways of advertising in Facebook

There are a few different ways that Facebook can be used for advertising purposes and each is different. The first and simplest is to use banner ads or ad space that is sold by Facebook to advertisers. This type of ad is generated based on what people are searching, what they click through, and what they look at every time they log on. This type of add is tailored to the searcher making it a bit trickier to use if you are trying to reach customers that are going to be repeat business. You can however if your customers tend to visit your site often or search your site often as well.

Banner ads are a great place to start that is easy enough that you can test the waters when it comes to digital advertising but you do not have to go all in so to speak. Banner ads are also a bit less labor intensive than other methods that can be used with Facebook and they do offer something that can be created then let to run their own course. Banner ads can also be updated and changed as needed and do not need to be tended to every day unless you just want to check it out and see how it is working.Banner ads are also a great way to really say what you need to say without having an advertisement campaign that is too needy and that requires too much work or attention. With this type of ad you can simply have an ad drafted up then pay to have it incorporated into the site and change the way that the ad is displayed to your customers.

Another method that is a bit more inclusive is creating a Facebook pace that is geared toward gaining followers and likes rather than an ad that is tailored to the way people search. This is again a bit more labor intensive but it does pay off in a different way than the banner ad. This is something that allows companies to create and maintain a relationship with their customers. You can essentially become friends with your customers and allow them a chance to give feedback about how they like your store, your items, and so much more.

This is more of a chance to work on the relationships with your company rather than just putting your ad out there and hoping that someone comes and stops by your website or your store. You can create posts, updates, add pictures, and so much more about your company so that you can really give viewers a look at what your company is about. This is a much more personal approach and it does offer a better chance to see what your customers are up to. A more personal approach also means that you will need to spend a bit more time working on this and maintaining it. Also, in order for a Facebook page to be productive and to really work, you are going to have to make sure that you spend enough time each week updating and keeping relevant so that your followers do not get tired of what you are sharing and so that you can really make an impact that is going to be lasting.

There are also sponsored links and posts that you can opt for on Facebook. These are again based on what people are looking at and what they are sharing and posting themselves. This is a much more tailored approach and again is only beneficial if you take the time to create content that is going to be interesting and that is going to be work taking a look at.


Twitter- this is another great option that can be formalized and professionalized all according to what you are sharing. This can be opened up as a platform for expression without losing the formal tone that is created by the company page that you have selected.

Twitter is a great platform that allows users to offer short updates that are 140 characters or less which forces users to condense what they want to say. This can give users the chance to offer news updates, ask questions, respond to questions that have been asked, and so on. This is a great platform for companies that are considering using social media advertising on the go. Twitter is a social media app that is often accessed via smart phone and is accessed on the go by people that are taking a break at work, checking their phone between classes, and that sort of thing. This means that it is easy to use and great for those that want to reach a wide range of people to drive them to their website.

This is a bit newer than Facebook but operates on a similar premise. Twitter offers a chance for businesses to talk with customers without having to have a very involved platform like Facebook. Instead of having a page that is dedicated to the business which has to be kept up, you can offer small updates to entice potential customers to come to your website or to your store. This is especially helpful to those companies that have a company website and want to drive customers to it.

This is a much better option for those companies that want to use social media and want to be involved but that do not feel like they can keep up an entire page or dedicate the time that is necessary to keep a Facebook or similar page going. This is a platform that lends itself well to smart phones and on the go access. You can also place banner ads on Twitter just like you do on Facebook if you want to go a more traditional route. Banner ads on Twitter are very similar to Facebook banner ads and other ads that are posted on the internet in that they are tailored to what the person is searching.

Another advertising option with Twitter is to post ads and coupons and other promotions via a company Twitter page. This is a great way to drum up interest without having to have a very involved web presence outside of a traditional website. This is also a great way to host forums where customers can give you opinions and really get involved in what you are doing.


Instagram- this is a wonderful platform to share promotional shots, which are always professional and beautiful, as well as shots of your progress and what you are working on.

This social media site is a mainly photograph based site. This is best for those that have advertisements already worked up or for those companies that can show what they are doing and drum up interest with the use of photos. This is also a very appealing option for many companies because it does offer the chance to really connect with the public that is on the go. This site does have traditional banner ads and is a great place to use banner advertising but it is especially great for those companies that want to really flex their creative muscle and see what they can come up with.

Instagram is a wonderful platform for companies that want an advertising base that is different from other social media outlets. This is a wonderful outlet for those that are working and creating items that are going to be presented well and that are going to make a big visual impact. You can also be suggested to other users and can even create a page that can be followed by other users so that you can keep them updated and in line with what you are doing and what you are trying to achieve in your business.


YouTube- this is a fantastic platform for commercials and other video content that you have created. You can also use other forms of advertising along side videos to share the word in a professional way.

This is an especially useful tool and is often used as much as Google when people search for content on the internet. This is a wonderful platform that allows you to go more in depth than any other social media outlet. While Facebook is the jack of all trades of the social media scene and Instagram is focused on photos, YouTube makes for a great place to show videos where you can truly go in depth.

YouTube allows you to post videos on all sorts of content, all sorts of topics, and with any actors or employees that you want. It gives you the ultimate freedom to show your customers what you want when you want and even allow them to post videos on their own to help flesh out your page. You can also add written content that can help explain what you have posted and what you are trying to achieve.

We live in a highly visual world where more people than not will pay attention to a video far more often than they will pay attention to a written article or an advertisement that has been posted. This means that you have the ability to up the production value and really increase the volume of what you are trying to say. Though you can often create a written ad for less money than a video ad or a commercial, you can get far more impact with a video.

How to Advertise in YouTube

YouTube allows you to post videos that you have created on your own so there is also no real requirement that says you have to have professional quality videos. You can however create commercials and other types of content that can be posted here to really draw customers in. YouTube is a great platform that can really make a difference and can really give you the freedom to not only show your business, but also to show the personality of yourself and those that are working with you.

YouTube offers paid advertisements as well. This means that you can also simply buy advertising space on videos that are already on the site. The more popular the video the higher the cost of an advertisement on it which means that if you are going to buy an advertisement on a video that is already present, you may end up paying more than if you create a video of your own or if you choose a video that is not as popular.

YouTube also allows you to buy ad space on videos that relate to your particular field which is helpful. This means that you can purchase ad space on videos that have to do with your particular site and your particular business so that you can gather the viewers that are going to be the most likely to go to your site or purchase your product. YouTube also allows for banner ads that are posted on the side of the site that can again go along with the video that is being played.

Still another way that YouTube can be used for advertising is through sponsored videos. These are videos that are paid for by certain businesses and companies either through direct pay or through the gifting of merchandise. Say for instance that you are going to be selling clothing. You can then send a sample of your clothing to someone that makes videos on YouTube where they can try on, review, and talk about your product so that you can reach their viewers and really give a third party opinion about your product.

YouTube is a wonderful platform that is useful in many aspects. You can certainly do a great deal of advertising on this site and make for a great deal of new customers through videos, updates, commercials, and so much more. This offers a chance for creativity to reign supreme and for users to really test the limits of what they can create.

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